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Pasture Raised Chicken

Our chickens are moved to fresh grass daily and have access to a wealth of clean air and sunshine. They're both healthy and delicious and raised according to the strictest production and humane treatment standards.

Chickens are professionally processed, packaged, and frozen.


Pasture Raised Turkeys

Pasture raised turkeys are the world standard for healthy and tasty poultry. By allowing our turkeys to range free on our abundant fields and pastures, we afford them a natural and stress-free life. We raise our birds with the utmost care, feeding them grain, free of antibiotics. When old enough to tolerate temperature changes, they are moved outdoors with continual access to lush pasture with plenty to forage, fresh air and water. In the evening they roost in a specially designed area to protect them from predators.

Our turkeys are professionally processed and packaged and are available fresh, not frozen, for Thanksgiving. 

Check back for our turkeys in 2020!


Grass Fed Lamb & Mutton

Our sheep spend most of their lives knee deep in the abundant, lush grass of our pastures. We strive to afford them the natural, stress-free life and healthy diet that nature intended.  We raise our sheep with the utmost care, feeding them a natural diet of grass, legumes and hay supplemented by grain when needed. We do not use hormones or any routine antibiotics.  The result— healthy, nutritious, and flavorful lamb.

Why mutton?  Because it would be a shame to overlook this amazing grass fed meat.  Mutton is appreciated all over the world, yet in the United States it is only beginning to be sought after. The Katahdin breed of sheep that we raise never gets a strong or unpleasant flavor and many customers have reported they can’t distinguish between our mutton and lamb.  Other farmers have attributed this to the fact that they are a hair breed which produces less lanolin.  Whatever the reason, we’re proud to offer mutton when available and encourage our customers to give it a try.

 All lamb and mutton is USDA inspected, vacuum packed and frozen. 

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Pasture Raised Pork

Our heritage breed Berkshire-Tamworth pigs spend most of their lives in wooded and pastured areas as nature intended.  They have plenty of space to roam, root and play, much as they did in colonial times.   Nuts, apples, grass and roots supplement the non-GMO grain we provide and lend the pork a flavor which is far superior to traditional supermarket pork.   Pigs raised in their natural habitat are happier and healthier to consume than those raised under typical confinement systems. It has been shown that pasture raised meat is higher in good cholesterol and lower in bad cholesterol.  It also provides much higher levels of Omega-3s which have many proven health benefits.  We do not use hormones or any routine antibiotics. The result— healthy, nutritious, and flavorful pork.

All pork is USDA inspected, vacuum packed and frozen.

Our on site Sugar House

Our on site Sugar House

Maple Syrup

Growing up in New England, nothing said spring more than hanging buckets on maple trees.  The buckets go up in late February when we are still in the grips of winter.  The trees sense the warming sun even before we do.  They know the warm days of summer are close despite the piles of snow that still blanket the ground.

At Old Orchard Farm, sugaring is about tradition, community, quality and of course, taste!  Our sugar house has a traditional post and beam frame, built from wood we cut on our property ourselves and raised by the community.  Our equipment is all state of the art food grade. Our sap comes, not just from our trees, but those of the surrounding neighborhood as well. Friends and neighbors gather at the sugar house to help in production or simply to socialize and soak in the sights and smells of spring.