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Pasture Raised Turkeys

Now taking reservations for 2017

Pasture Raised turkeys are the world standard for healthy and tasty poultry.  By allowing our turkeys to range free on our abundant fields and pastures, we afford them the natural, stress-free life and healthy diet that nature intended.  As stewards of the land, we treat our farm as a precious, irreplaceable resource, and follow sustainable farming practices to ensure our cropland will be productive for future generations. We raise our birds with the utmost care, feeding them grain, free of antibiotics.  Our turkeys, when old enough to tolerate the outdoors, are given free range access to lush pasture, sunlight, and fresh water.  In the evening they return to roost in a specially designed area to protect them from predators. The result— healthy, nutritious, and flavorful birds. 

Pasture Raised Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys

The Broad Breasted Bronze shares many of the characteristics of the modern commercial turkey.  They are bred to have more breast meat and grow at a faster rate.  The similarities end there though.  Since the turkeys are free range, their diet and stress-free lifestyle result in a superior tasting bird.  

Hens average 16 to 22 lbs.   

Toms average 22 to 34 lbs.  


Customer Comments:  

  • Absolutely the best turkey ever!!!  

  • It was the BEST turkey ever!!! Not one morsel left!! Will order 2 next year!! 


Quantities are limited.  To ensure availability, it is necessary to make an advance reservation.  Turkeys will be processed and available for pick up on the farm Thanksgiving week.  Please specify your preference for size.

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